Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship (PMR/F) | Centers for Disease Control

Atlanta, GA

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Since 1972, PMR/F has developed public health leaders skilled in program evaluation, management, policy, and population health improvement. The PMR/F experiences strengthen participants’ abilities to bridge medicine and public health, preparing graduates for leadership roles at the domestic and global levels. The PMR/F service learning experiences strengthen participants’ abilities to bridge medicine and public health in order to comprehensively address population health. Graduates are prepared to provide leadership in disease prevention and health promotion at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels, as well as internationally. Our learners include Epidemic Intelligence Service graduates (physicians, veterinarians, and other health professionals) and other comparably-trained professionals. Preventive Medicine Residency has 12- and 24-month tracks for physicians depending on whether a learner needs an MPH or two years of training to fulfill board exam requirements. Preventive Medicine Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship for nurses, veterinarians, and dentists with an MPH. While in the program, residents and fellows participate in activities that focus on growing and applying critical leadership and management skills. There are six potential project areas and descriptions for each are included in the menu that follows.

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Posted September 3, 2020


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