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EIS is a long-standing, globally-recognized fellowship program, renowned for its investigative and emergency response efforts. During this 2-year experiential service fellowship, EIS officers serve our country while learning to apply epidemiology and gaining practical skills to become future public health leaders. EIS officers serve on the front lines of public health, protecting Americans and the global community, while training under the guidance of seasoned mentors. When disease outbreaks or other public health threats emerge, EIS officers investigate, identify the cause, rapidly implement control measures, and collect evidence to recommend preventive actions. About 10% of EIS training occurs through a rigorous mix of small and large group classroom instruction, case studies, exercises, and e-learning. About 90% of the training is provided through hands-on assignments under the guidance of seasoned mentors and supervisors (usually EIS alumni). As EIS officers work on the front lines of public health, their service and publications may attract the attention of news media and public health partners. Read about officers’ investigations, findings, and insights for public health through news coverage, publications authored to inform public health action, and entertainment inspired by EIS work.

Visit https://www.cdc.gov/eis/index.html for more information.

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Posted September 3, 2020


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