Nationwide Telemedicine Physicians Needed to Help with Covid-19

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COVID-19 Telemedicine App - Physicians Needed

COVID.MD, a leading telemedicine provider, is launching a new healthcare app to fight the COVID19 epidemic.

  • We are hiring physicians in all 50 states and internationally to do telemedicine and live video chat with patients who may have COVID-19 based on a risk assessment.

How it works:

COVID.MD consists of two parts: a risk assessment component, and a telehealth component:

  • Initial Intake - COVID.MD collects the patient's demographic information and performs a focused medical history to identify red flag symptoms and additional relevant diagnostic data.
  • Exposure & Mortality Risk Exposure - Patients then go through a and proprietary mortality risk stratification assessment built using epidemiological data from Wuhan and the Chinese CDC.
  • Stratification and Results - Patients are then categorized by their corresponding exposure risk (low, moderate, high) and mortality risk (low, moderate, high, very high). Depending on where they fall, the patient is provided education to their risk categories, next steps (if CDC threshold is met for swabbing) and telehealth resources.

COVID.MD is a telehealth company that has raised $17 million from 300 physicians and is now launching this new product in the coming week to fight this pandemic.

  • As you know, Medicare and private insurers are now passing sweeping legislation to reimburse for telemedicine and remove many state licensure requirements.
  • Reimbursement TBD as this is a new service. Physicians also invited to participate on an advisory board to build this product.

Please visit our website or email our CEO at

We are in the process of applying for federal grants and foundation funding.

Posted September 27, 2020


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