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Inpatient and outpatient

The Medical Services Support in Iraq (MSSI) Program Manager establishes a clinically safe and professionally managed healthcare environment and provides primary health care as well as resuscitative surgical care in accordance with U.S. or equivalent medical standards on a 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year to Chief of Mission (COM) personnel U.S. Embassy Baghdad, serving a population of approximately 6,600 adults.


  • State License
  • ACLS, ATLS and BLS
  • Minimum of 3 years experience

The Physician Assistant (PA) support the medical function and will treat patients in these settings to ensure proper injury care and disease diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, request necessary tests and follow-up visits and refer patients to specialists as necessary.

Some settings may require the Physician Assistant (PA) to coordinate with local hospitals to determine local capabilities, coordinate admission, monitor and arrange final disposition.

In addition, some settings will require stabilization of patient and coordination of evacuation of patient to medevac center or CONUS.

The Physician Assistant (PA) will stabilize and prepare sick and injured personnel to a higher level medical facility. The Physician Assistant (PA) will ensure that medical kits supplied to all personnel are maintained as to contents and serviceability. In hospital settings, Physician Assistant (PA) supports the physician in planning and implementing the medical support program (preventive and corrective) to maintain the health of COM personnel.

In some locations, the Physician Assistant (PA) will have a leadership role (Lead Physician Assistant) and serve as both a Physician Assistant (PA) and Site Medical Director.

Physician Assistants (PA) provide a U.S. standard of care for our patient care/treatment model.

All services shall be provided in accordance with established standards, principles and ethics of the profession and applicable professional specialty organizations.

Posted October 13, 2020


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