Sleep Medicine Physician Opportunity

Birmingham, AL

Inpatient and outpatient

Spearhead the team in the development of an organized approach to sleep disorders, sleep quality improvement initiatives and in the implementation of evidence-based medicine and best practices, thereby resulting in improved patient outcome at decreased cost. In addition, the sleep physician will help develop the remote veteran apnea management program (REVAMP) and will be encouraged to participate in clinical sleep education as part of the VA mission.

Ideal candidate: neurologist; psychiatrist or pulmonologist with experience seeing sleep medicine patients; in-lab; home sleep testing and video telehealth medicine.

Opportunity highlights: Being able to practice sleep medicine optimally, not dealing with insurance companies and to practice pure medicine, provide the highest level of care and treatment for your patients is what make our position so amazing.

The Birmingham, Alabama VA Medical Center seeks a full-time, board certified or board eligible Sleep Medicine Physician to practice in the Sleep Service department, including sleep medicine clinics, sleep laboratory program, home sleep, and sleep telehealth program. 

 Opportunity allows you to provide:

  • Initial evaluation and management for patients with the full spectrum of sleep disorders in-person and via clinical video telemedicine.
  • Interpretation of diagnostic/therapeutic In-Lab polysomnographic studies
  •  Home Sleep polysomnographic studies
  • Sleep consult management, and other additional duties based on Sleep Service needs.

Interested: Forward your CV to:

Community Information: To be in Birmingham is to be in the arms of the South. Where the energy is palpable, and a spirited nature is tempered by cosmopolitan charm. It’s to be in a place that’s as modern and contemporary as it is classically southern.   

Posted March 15, 2021