Director of Clinical Genetics


Inpatient and outpatient

Job Highlights

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Willing to Pay for Licensing
  • Responsibilities:

     1.       Be primarily responsible for the development and day to day operations of the Clinical Genetics Service.

    2.       Provide patient consultation which may be requested directly by patients or at the request of medical providers.

    3.       Provide education including risk assessment as part of genetic counseling to patients and families with hereditary cancer syndromes

    4.       Assist patients undergoing germ line testing for cancer susceptibility genes including the explanation and interpretation of genetic reports

    5.       Developing educational opportunities for patients and providers regarding inherited cancer syndromes and predictive testing for cancer susceptibility genes.

    6.       Support the Jiahui International Cancer Center and collaborate with the Executive Director of the Cancer Center to create a comprehensive genetic counseling and testing service.

    7.       Create and oversee a Jiahui International Health Ovarian and Breast Cancer Early Detection Program.

    8.       Oversee the Clinical Genetics Database including development and oversite of a system of periodic reassessment and updating when new deleterious mutations are discovered.

    9.       Collaborate with the Director of Laboratory Services to continuously evaluate the quality of genetic assays that are either done in house or sent out to other laboratories.

    10.   Oversee the reproductive genetics program including providing patient consultation for patients contemplating pregnancy or who are already pregnant.

    11.   Liaise with  surgeons or oncologists in the follow up and management of patients with VUS or positive findings which require further treatment plans, evaluation or active surveillance

    12.   Be responsible for institutional medical staff genetics training and patient education programs.

    13.   Represent Jiahui Health regionally and globally to build our brand and establish our academic excellence. 

    14.   Develop and participate in clinical research projects.

    Posted August 30, 2021