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Visalia, CA

Inpatient and outpatient

Who is QTC?

QTC is the largest provider of disability and occupational health examination services. Our more than 35-year history has been marked by a focus on delivering high quality, technology-driven, exam solutions for our clients. QTC applies a customized, systematic operational workflow to administer evaluations, supported by innovative technology that achieves extraordinary quality, timeliness, and customer service goals.

Would you like to supplement your income by conducting compensation and disability examinations for Veterans? Even on a one-time, trial basis? If so, here's what's in it for you?

Benefits of Working with Us:

• Patriotic contribution

• Supplemental income

• Greater flexibility

• No treatment is needed

• Multi-state practice

• Work out of our clinic or yours

• Low legal risk

Services we Provide:

• Vision services and tonometry

• Population health screening, surveys, and surveillance

• Immunization / vaccinations

• Diagnostic and laboratory testing

• Occupational health

• Medical consultation

• Medical record/peer reviews

We currently have a need for a Medical Provider with the following credentials.

Certifications: Active and unrestricted license.

Please feel free to apply to this role and we'll have a member of our Provider Recruitment team connect with you ASAP!

Posted November 26, 2021