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CareATC offers healthcare solutions to employers including On-site or Shared-site Family Medical Clinics, Biometric Personal Health Assessments, Chronic Disease Management, Wellness Programs, Proprietary Care ComplianceTM, Populations Risk Analysis, 1:1 Health Coaching. CareATC is helping people experience healthcare like never before - bringing the patient and provider together!How We're Different:We contract directly with employers and do not use the traditional fee-for-service model. We want physicians and clinical staff to focus on patients and treatment, rather than insurance and billing.Our providers work with patients on preventive measures, maintenance and compliance. Our tools assist the provider and patient with early detection/prevention to gain control of chronic disease.CareATC's corporate office in Tulsa, OK supports family medical clinics across the US. We work with a centralized governance to maintain our sites and are AAAHC Network Accredited.Our model is a win for:As a CareATC provider, you'll practice quality medicine and build effective treatment plans for your patients. No production or referral numbers to meet! You'll focus on your patients, only seeing an average of 2.5 patients per hour.Your patient population will be working adults and family members. Because the clinic is free to patients, satisfaction and compliance are very high.Qualifications:Must see ages 16+ Ability to pass on-site credentialing Strong desire to promote health, disease management and prevention.Providers who join our team have many amenities available: 40 hours per week Exclusive Patients, No On-Call Two medical assistants per provider Clinic and medication are free of charge to patients and dependents

  • Patient- no cost for excellent medical care or dispensed medication
  • Provider- practice and provide quality healthcare with a work life balance
  • Employer: happier, healthier employees resulting in reduced costs on their medical plans.

Posted June 24, 2020


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