Concierge Physician with Existing Patient Panel in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

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Inpatient and outpatient

This is an opportunity to take over an existing adult physician position at a Sacramento medical practice. We are a concierge medical practice, meaning that our patients pay a monthly fee to become members at our practice. As a result, patients get 24/7 access to their doctors, and our doctors can spend more time with each patient. This position will be part of a wider network of concierge doctors managed by our company, MyDocPlus/Discover Health. This is an opportunity to step off the "hamster wheel" of traditional insurance-based medicine and practice relationship-driven, patient-centered care within an existing concierge practice with dedicated patients. Our doctors are expected to conduct house-calls as well as office visits. This position will inherit an existing panel of approximately 400-450 patients and will be responsible for seeing approximately 6-10 patients per day.

Posted July 29, 2020


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