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The state of Minnesota is changing its regulation, requiring all medical claims be reviewed by a Minnesota licensed physician starting January 1, 2021. Due to the limited number of MN licensed physicians who are currently doing review work, we want to make sure we are prepared for this regulatory change by adding additional reviewers.

Medical Review Institute of America, LLC (MRIoA) is an Independent Review Organization, looking to add Minnesota licensed physicians in all specialty areas. Are you interested in providing your expertise to review cases specifically in the area of Gastroenterology?

Work remotely on your own schedule – typically only 2-3 hours per week but can be more if desired.

Each case takes 20-60 minutes to complete and can easily be done from your home or office, anywhere in the US, around your current practice activities.

3 reasons to give us a call:

Work remotely on your own schedule – The amount of time you commit daily or weekly to reviews is entirely at your own discretion and tailored to your schedule.

Supplement your income – MRIoA physician reviewers supplement their income while maintaining their active practice.

Stay abreast of emerging practices and technologies – As a MRIoA physician reviewer, you will have opportunities to explore controversial, cutting-edge treatment modalities, and see how others in your specialty are making treatment decisions.


· Must be actively practicing a minimum of 8 hours per week

· Must be currently Board Certified through ABMS or AOA in your specialty field

· Must have a minimum of 5 years of recent patient care experience, in your specialty field.

· Must have solid computer navigation skills

· Must have an unrestricted Minnesota state license

· All work must be done within the USA

For more detail please contact:

Holly Benson

Medical Review Institute of America, LLC

(801) 265-6427 Direct Line

Posted December 28, 2020


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