Associate Medical Director (Complex Patients)

San Francisco, CA

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Inpatient and outpatient

Responsible for assisting the Regional Medical Director in providing the means, structure, and environment to most effectively and efficaciously utilize the resources that are available to ensure that all enrolled members have access to appropriate medical care and are provided with opportunities for health promotion and health maintenance as an administration of their individual Health Plan benefits in conjunction with additional community resources identified as meeting member care needs.


• Medical Doctor currently licensed to practice without restriction in the state of practice and has met or exceeded all the credentialing requirements of a provider within the provider panel. • Current in the knowledge of geriatrics, utilization management, quality management, managed care principals and new clinical developments and technologies. • Have significant experience in leading teams of physicians and mid-level providers in delivering high quality, cost effective care. • Experience in recruiting and hiring medical talent along with continuous supervision of the medical care delivered. • Ability to analyze staffing needs sufficient to care for the patient panel. • Experience in coaching members of the health care team to provide excellent care or, if needed, determine deficiencies in care and formulate a plan for improvement.

Through the integration of technology, a highly innovative care delivery model, and multidisciplinary clinical teams, Landmark delivers health management capabilities at scale for the frailest and most clinically complex segments of the population -- the 3-5% of members that account for 20-30% of all national healthcare expenses annually.

Posted December 24, 2020


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