Telehealth - Consulting Opportunity-Join Specialist Panel (California licensed, Medi-Cal/MediCare enrolled Required)

United States

Inpatient and outpatient

Job Highlights

  • Top pick in specialty
  • AristaMD is transforming the "curbside consult" into a way for specialists and internists to earn extra money providing patient care plan enhancement to PCPs in just 5-10 minutes per case. Get paid for your valuable advice and expertise. Increase your earnings without having to see more patients. AristaMD E-consults can be completed between seeing patients, after hours, even while you are on vacation. All you need is access to the internet through a computer or tablet.

    Opportunity Highlights:

    • Answer E-consults from any location
    • Earn extra cash without having to see patients
    • Make your own schedule

    No fees or investment required


    AristaMD is looking for experienced, board-certified specialists and internists who pride themselves in their ability to give expert advice that improves the quality and appropriateness of care for patients. If you are interested in joining this exciting new company and supplementing your current practice, please email

    About AristaMD

    AristaMD is a HIPAA compliant, cloud based technology-enabled service company focused on improving referral decisions and care planning of primary care physicians by providing clinical guidelines and access to a panel of board-certified specialists for expedited physician-to-physician (P2P) consults. The (P2P) specialist consultations support primary care physicians (PCPs) or other mid-level providers (under the license of a physician) to more efficiently make informed treatment and referral decisions in the routine care of their patients, thus avoiding unnecessary office visits.

    These consultations are designed for routine care and do not address complex issues. The advice delivered by the specialist is consultative only and the specialist does not provide direct medical care or assume direct responsibility for the care of any patients.

    Posted July 21, 2021