Tech Startup Advisor (Data / Access)


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Inpatient and outpatient

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We’re looking for physician perspective on software, clinical data and research in a private practice or hospital setting.

We’re backed by venture capital and building software and services to make clinical research (lower case "r") more rewarding for physicians outside of a traditional academic or dedicated research environment.

We are mission driven, with the goal of improving access to data (retrospective, industry sponsored and investigator-led) in underserved patient communities — critical, we believe, in today’s environment.

We have several opportunities to help.

Serve as an advisor to us as we develop our offering.

Become an advisor and mentor to our investigators (assuming that you have clinical research experience yourself).

Become an investigator yourself, with a significant amount of support from our team.

We offer robust and flexible compensation for all of the above.

Posted August 27, 2020


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