Unique CL/FGP Adult Psychiatrist opportunity on Long Island, NY

Near New York, NY

Inpatient and outpatient

Job Highlights

  • High Income Potential
  • Easy Call Schedule
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Polaris Placement specializes in helping medical professionals find a career path that actually fulfills their needs - personal, financial, and aspirational.

    Our client, a financially stable academic medical system with a reputation for world-class clinical excellence, is inviting consideration to join a Consultation Liaison Psychiatry service which is unlike most in the NYC region.

    It was thoughtfully built from the ground up by a very experienced Psychiatry leader who knew that a key to high-quality care is to start by caring for the Psychiatrists.

    So this is a very vibrant, collaborative and collegial environment. The Chair firmly believes in every person being a key member of the team in growing the program. In this vein, you would be encouraged and supported to develop your own niche of expertise.

    Current expertise includes gender identity disorders, collaborative diabetes/mental health practice, collaborative pediatric/MH; geriatric MH; Sleep/Neurology (movement disorders) etc.

    Future developments include establishing a Medical-Psychiatry unit and other innovative programs.

    Also, this is an academically oriented environment that encourages active teaching and research development.

    Day-to-day, it’s primarily a C-L role, with a faculty group practice component. Time-wise, the CL/FGP split is approximately 75%-25%.

    The normal schedule is M-F, 9-5 with very limited on-call by phone. On-call consultation average number is 2-4 and done primarily using tele psych.

    Finally, the compensation model is generous and fair, and geared to those who want to earn more.

    Either hit “Reply” in response to this job posting or give me a call at 646-688-4072.

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    Posted May 3, 2021