General Pulmonologist for Sanford Specialty Clinic in Sanford, NC

Sanford, NC

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Inpatient and outpatient

General Pulmonologist for Sanford Specialty Clinic in Sanford, NC

Live in Raleigh and work in Sanford!

Looking for a Great opportunity: UNC Specialty Care at Sanford in Sanford, NC is a community-based, multispecialty practice. We are committed to providing quality and cost-effective medical care to a diverse population of patients with chronic medical conditions and special needs is seeking to add a General Pulmonologist to the team Qualifications and Required Skills

• Graduated from an accredited Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy school

• General Pulmonologist experience or training required

• Board Certified or Board Eligible General Responsibilities

• Managing the care of chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, tuberculosis, lung cancers and many other disorders

• Coach patients on management of their illness, by making lifestyle change • Bronchoscopy

• Chronic lung disease treatment (COPD, asthma)

• Consultation services for patients in the hospital for all pulmonary services and sleep issues

• Narcolepsy treatment

• Pneumonia vaccines and influenza vaccinations

• Pulmonary function tests

• Respiratory illnesses

• Sleep apnea evaluation and treatment

• Thoracentesis

• Ventilator management

• Critical care management – preferred not required

Posted June 11, 2020


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