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    Write a statement of support for social security disability for my patient with bipolar disorder.

    Write home care instructions for an 8 y/o with asthma in the style of Dr. Seuss.

    Write a letter to Cigna appealing the denial of Cimzia for a pt with psoriasis.


    Trained in medical terminology and shorthand; knows how to format clinical documentation and common medical correspondence.

    Fluency in dozens of languages; can translate documents and produce multilingual patient education.

    Integrated with Doximity's free digital fax service.


    May occasionally generate incorrect information. Confirm any factual references before using clinically.

    Is not HIPAA-compliant; do not include PHI in prompts.

    Has limited knowledge of world events or clinical research after September 2021.

    Please do not include patient-identifiers or other PHI in prompts

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    Doximity members can fax letters directly to insurers using our digital fax service. To enter Doximity’s HIPAA compliant environment, log in using the button below. From there, you can review and edit the contents of your fax, add your patient’s details, and send directly to the appropriate insurer. Since the letter content is AI-generated, please make sure to review and ensure accuracy before you submit. Go ahead, use as much as you like.