100% Virtual Psychiatrist for Innovative Collaborative Care Program | $150 per Hour | Multiple States



At Mindoula Health we’re transforming the practice of psychiatry by combining the systems-based and holistic framework of our clinical practice with our innovative telehealth platform and case management team. We design, implement, and manage psychiatry services in a variety of treatment settings for a range of populations requiring psychiatric care.

Collaborative Care Program:

The collaborative care model offers one approach to BH integration in which primary care providers, care managers, and psychiatric consultants work together to provide care and support for patients with behavioral health needs.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Provide regularly scheduled caseload consultation to care managers to oversee the status and health of their assigned patient caseload.
  • Recommend any diagnostic or treatment updates via written consult note including medication recommendations and other interventions, within 24 hours and are finalized in Mindoula Member Registry.
  • Advise on treatment for patients who may need more intensive or more specialized mental health care, supporting treatment in the medical setting until patients can be engaged in specialized care.
  • Communicate the limitations of the case review consultation and treatment recommendations if the patient is not evaluated in person.
  • Participate in the development and delivery of in-service training for primary care-based providers and staff regarding the recognition and treatment of BH conditions in primary care.


  • We welcome interest from qualified applications from all states and territories and are actively hiring in Alaska and Maryland.
  • Must have state licensure with an active DEA license.
  • Board-certified.
  • Willingness to become licensed in other geographies.

Posted February 7, 2021