Part-time or Full-time Internal and Family Medicine Physicians - Partners in Primary Care

Kansas City, MO

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Partners in Primary Care is seeking Primary Care Physicians in Kansas City, MO. This is an excellent opportunity to join our newest markets and help provide outcomes based senior-focused primary care services.

Highlights include:

• Balanced work days up to 15 patients with time to spend with each one.

• Working with a full care team who maintains the health of each patient one at a time.

• No Weekends, No Late Nights, Mon-Friday only!

• Actually seeing the difference in how we are helping patient’s live healthier lives.

• Competitive salaries, wonderful benefits and career growth PLUS bonus incentives.

Partners in Primary Care is part of 47 clinics across the country under our care delivery organization. Within each center we have a cohesive care team. The team is comprised of board certified family practice and internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners as well as pharmacists, medical assistants, medical coders, care coaches and referral coordinators. We value our patient’s lives and we recruit only the best providers so that’s why we should talk today.

Please contact me today for more information regarding this amazing opportunity!

Posted April 1, 2020


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