Per Assessment Nurse Practitioner HouseCalls Uvalde County

Uvalde, TX


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conduct in – home assessments on health plan members. The House Calls Assessment includes:

    • Past medical history

    • Review of symptoms

    • Physical examination

    • Medication review

    • Depression screening

  • Responsible for checking vitals, conducting a physical exam that includes monofilament test, urine dipstick, and foot exam (as appropriate)

  • Identify diagnoses to be used in care management and active medical management in the furtherance of treatment

  • Formulate a list of current and past medical conditions using clinical knowledge and judgment and the findings of your assessment

  • Communicate findings in your assessment that will be used to inform the PCP of potential gaps in care

  • Educate members on topics such as disease process, medication, and compliance

  • Comply with all HIPAA regulations and maintain security of protected health information (PHI)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in gerontology, cardiology, internal medicine, or endocrinology

  • Home care or home visit experience

  • Excellent administrative, organizational and verbal skills

  • Follow established dress code

  • Effective communication skills with seniors

  • Computer literate and able navigate the internet

  • Ability to work independently

Posted June 2, 2021