Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer

Atlanta, GA

Inpatient and outpatient

EIS officers serve on the front lines of public health, protecting Americans and the global community, while training under the guidance of seasoned mentors. When disease outbreaks or other public health threats emerge, EIS officers investigate, identify the cause, rapidly implement control measures, and collect evidence to recommend preventive actions. This is a program for those with advanced degrees such as MDs, VMDs, BSN, MSN, and PhDs.

EIS officers protect the public’s health by serving CDC, other public health agencies and partners. While working in their assignments and deployments, they -Conduct or participate in field investigations -Design, conduct, and interpret epidemiological analyses -Evaluate public health surveillance systems -Give public health talks about their work -Give oral presentations to scientific audiences -Write scientific manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals -Write concise public health updates communicating timely information -Write abstracts -Communicate complex scientific concepts to lay audiences

On-the-Job training activities involve: -Applying epidemiologic skills in assigned public health projects, such as infectious and noninfectious disease, global health, injury prevention, environmental health, and occupational health -Deploying as a ready-responder to CDC’s Emergency Operations Center or field site to provide epidemiologic assistance for disease outbreaks and other urgent public health threats, and to provide disaster relief following natural and industrial events -Collaborating with multidisciplinary experts across and within CDC, other public health agencies and partners -Meeting routinely with supervisor(s) -Consulting with mentors, supervisors and other seasoned professionals within the EIS network


Direct hire positions are pre-vetted by Doximity and allow streamlined access to phone screens for qualified candidates.

Posted February 19, 2021