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Medical professionals in the fields of Psychiatry, PM&R, GenMed, Opthamology/Optometry, and Audiology looking to augment or increase patient book of business or add a stable government line of business to your practice in the states of: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon continue to read...

My name is Oscar S. Colindres. I am a professional network developer for QTC Medical Group. QTC is a subsidiary of Leidos Corp, a fortune 500.

QTC is the foremost provider of medical examinations to America's military veterans and public service servants. QTC has been in business for over 30 years with a proven reputation and service.

I am looking for medical providers looking to expand or augment their practices to partner with and accept military veteran patients requiring medical examinations for compensation and pension claims.

These exams do not require treatment, follow-up, or prescription writing. Our process is streamlined, efficient, and user friendly. Incorporating it into your practice can be seamless and requires nominal onboarding/training.

We partner with you and your staff to create a win/win business partnership that will bolster your bottom line and afford you the opportunity to provide services to our nation's heroes!

I am open to your inquiries and questions to determine if we may have an opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship.

I look forward to your emails and inquiries. Please feel free to share this posting with any of your colleagues who may benefit from the opportunity.

Thank you, in advance!

Oscar S. Colindres | MBA | HRM

Gysgt, USMC (Ret)



Posted September 28, 2020


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