MDs Wanted for Paid Online Survey Research Opportunities (nationwide)


Inpatient and outpatient

Medical Decision Makers is about you and your contribution to the practice of medicine. Over 100,000 medical professionals from across all specialties in the United States have joined our community to assist healthcare organizations of all types in directing their focus to deliver better care and products to their patients and clients.

Having practiced medicine for over thirty years, I direct our community with the perspective and care that only an experienced physician can. My understanding of the needs and demands of busy medical professionals guides and informs everything we do, including the commitment we make to our members. This commitment can be summed up in two words: Respect and Value. Being an active member of Medical Decision Makers requires time, and as I know, time is your most precious resource. We strive to always respect your time by offering research opportunities, services and insights that are of value to you.

Please register to join our community today and experience the benefits of membership yourself. You will have the opportunity to participate in high-qualify research studies, initiate research within our community, and earn honoraria for your valuable contributions.

We look forward to including you in our research community. Your feedback is welcome at any time. We are here to serve you, enhance your opportunities and help advance the practice of medicine for everyone.


James E. Carley, MD President, Medical Decision Makers

Posted November 29, 2020