Rural Physicians Group

ED/Hybrid APP Program, 50 miles from ATL, $204,000 Annually for 10 days per month

Near Monticello, GA


Job Highlights

  • Low Patient Volume
  • High Earning Potential
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Opportunity Details:

    Location: Monticello, GA - 59 miles from ATL Airport

    Program Kick Off: June 18th 2024

    Schedule: 10, 24-hour shifts per month

    Block Scheduling to be utilized IE 5 on, 10 off OR 10 on, 20 off

    Core team members have access to a scheduling portal and can put in their schedule for a full year

    ++Will consider "Flex Candidates" willing to do five or less days per month++

    Position: ER/Inpatient Hybrid Program

    Procedures: Intubations, Vent Management, Central Lines, Chest Tubes, Paracentesis, Thoracentesis, Dislocation Reduction, ED Bedside Ultrasound, Lumbar Puncture, Adult Resuscitation, Peds Resuscitation, Procedural Sedation.

    Bed Count: 12 Beds total - Acute, Swing and SNFAverage

    ER Volume: 300/month Average

    Inpatient Volume: 4.5

    Average Length of Stay: 2.5 days

    Average Encounters Per Day: 11

    Subspecialty Support: Primary Care Only

    Lodging: Detached Apartment On Campus

    • Location: Georgia
    • Type: Full-time
    • Est. Compensation: $150-220k
    • Compensation Details: 1099 Position with Daily Stipend, Travel Stipend, Housing and Malpractice Covered. Flexible Scheduling.
    • Hospital Affiliations: Not Specified
    • Visa Waiver: Yes

    Compensation Details


    Location Insights

    • B+

      Cost of Living

    • B-

      Public Schools

    • B-


    • C+

      Access to Outdoor Activities

    • C+

      Access to Restaurants

    • C+


    • Total Population


    • Median Rent


    • Median Home Value


    • Median Income


    Posted February 6, 2024