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Here's what doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and pharmacists are saying about Doximity.

I transferred a patient to another hospital several years ago and was able to quickly fax and send patient info via the Doximity app to my former medical school classmate who was working at the other hospital. It was 3am and the patient was admitted directly to the ICU. It was fantastically smooth and saved us so much time rather than having to traditionally fax medical records and information. Every little bit of time helps.

I use this application on a daily basis. I use the Doximity dialer to call patients from my personal phone so that my personal number doesn't show up on their caller ID. Nothing but praise. Thanks, Doximity!

I frequently consult my colleagues in different specialties using the Doximity app. I frequently utilize Doximity to access articles for teaching rounds as well as sharing articles with my colleagues. It allows me to multi-task and take care of patients while not being confined to a desk.

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Doximity by the numbers

Our vision is a future where medical communication is effortless — fast, simple, seamless and secure.

Millions of Calls

Our users love Dialer. Doximity allows you to call patients using your cell phone, while displaying your office number. Call patients privately, without *67.

80% of Doctors

And 50% of all NPs and physician assistants as verified members.

#1 for Clinicians

Aside from the iPhone, there’s never been a piece of technology adopted by clinicians as quickly as Doximity.