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Your mobile medical office.

Free yourself from the hospital with secure voice, video, and no-reply texting—all while protecting your private contact info.

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Convert your smart phone to a mobile medical office.

  • Customize your callerID

    Skip *67 and choose the number displayed when you call, no matter where you are—at home, on the road, or just between patient rooms.

  • One-tap telehealth

    Simplify video visits for your patients. No downloads or sign-ins required.

  • No-reply texting

    Send secure, one-way texts to your patients. Think appt reminders, study results, UpToDate patient ed—all via the channel they use most.

  • Send voicemail

    Skip straight to a patient or colleague’s voicemail without ringing them first. For late night calls or when you just don’t have time to talk.

  • HIPAA compliant

    All our communication tools are built with strict security protocols. Calls are never recorded and all calls and messaging are encrypted.

  • Boost your pick-up rate

    Fewer than 20% of people pick up calls from blocked or unknown numbers. Dialer calls are answered over 3x as often.

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