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5 things to know about Doximity

1 We’re No. 1 for physicians

Doximity is the largest community of physicians in the country - with over 50% of US doctors as verified members today. In just three years, our vertical social network has surpassed the American Medical Association and Epic, the top EMR in the country. Aside from the iPhone, there’s never been a piece of technology adopted by physicians as quickly as Doximity. If you’re a physician, claim your profile today.

2 Caring for doctors is our focus

You might call us medical groupies. Doximity’s passion for working with physicians is what helped us grow to No. 1. We believe that when doctors are connected, patients benefit and the medical sector works better. Listening to what physicians need and then building simple tools to solve complex problems is what we do. Our vision is a future where medical communication is effortless — fast, simple, seamless and secure.

3 Medicine is mobile, and so are we

Doctors are mobile by nature, so Doximity has a mobile-first development perspective. Physicians use Doximity to instantly connect with other healthcare professionals, securely collaborate on patient treatment, grow their practices and discover new career opportunities. 70% of our activity is on mobile devices and 85% of our doctors use iPhones. Download our mobile apps.

4 Our expertise in digital health startups runs deep

The Doximity team includes health tech leaders from Cleveland Clinic, Practice Fusion, UCSF, Medscape, Brown & Toland, Stanford University and Rock Health. Our CEO Jeff Tangney previously founded and led Epocrates (EPOC) to IPO. We’ve received $81 million in funding from top VC funds with a focus on digital health, including Emergence Capital Partners, InterWest Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures (now Canvas Fund), Draper Fisher Jurvetson, T. Rowe Price and Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Doximity had its first cash-flow positive month in January 2014.

5 We're just getting started

Doximity is made of developers, doctors, scientists, start-up founders, non-profit founders, ping-pong players, professional waterskiers. We’re diverse - in fact, we’re multilingual. Ruby is our preferred language, of course. While we’re already the No. 1 network for physicians, we’re not even close to being done with our goals for improving US healthcare. Learn about opportunities to join our team.

Medicine is a team sport

We work hard to build better solutions for doctors.

Jeff Tangney

Jeff tangney

Shari Buck

Shari buck

Nate Gross MD

Nate gross

JR Ordonez

Jr ordonez

Shannon McPherson

Shannon mcpherson

Brian Leslie

Brian leslie

Dionne McCray

Dionne mccray

Bruno Miranda

Bruno miranda

Jey Balachandran

Jey balachandran

Sean Harris

Sean harris

Leah Kaufman

Leah kaufman

Ellis Berner

Ellis berner

Natasha Singh

Natasha singh

Taylor Carroll

Taylor carroll

Alex Blau MD

Alex blau

Joel Davis

Joel davis

Ahmed Belal

Ahmed belal

Bob MacAvoy

Bob macavoy

Li Wang

Li wang

Michael Szypula

Michael szypula

Body Taing

Body taing

Steven Lee

Steven lee

Daniel Toillion

Daniel toillion

Chris Saylor

Chris saylor

Jake Konoske

Jake konoske

Thomson Tan

Thomson tan

Tim Horvat

Tim horvat

Rodrigo Kochenburger

Rodrigo kochenburger

Kimberly Hsiao

Kim hsiao

Vinci Sam

Vinci sam

Bill Glah

Bill glah

Kerry Valdesalice

Kerry valdesalice

Karena Wong

Karena wong

Daniel Nill

Daniel nill

Kirsti Kanerva

Kirsti kanerva

Chris Giaccio

Chris giaccio

Jim Murray

Jim murray

Rafael Bandeira

Rafael bandeira

Hannah Frank

Hannah frank

Yaning Zhu

Yaning zhu

Patti Paczkowski

Patti paczkowski

Liz Gross

Liz gross

Mujtaba Badat

Mujtaba badat

Edmund Keefe

Edmund keefe

Jon Lubkert

Jon lubkert

Benjamin Manns

Ben manns

Barbra Churco

Barbra churco

Dani Lai

Dani lai

Kanav Jain

Kanav jain

Priya Gangolly

Priya gangolly

Yana Georgiev

Yana georgiev

Sarkis Varozian

Sarkis varozian

Jack Noble

Jack noble

Swarna Chatterjee

Swarna chatterjee

Steven Denys

Steven denys

Greg Lloyd

Greg lloyd

Johnny Fagnani

Johnny fagnani

Dawn Sambalis

Dawn sambalis

Frank Cortez

Frank cortez

Jim Longley

Jim longley

Kyle O'Connor

Kyle oconnor

Mitch Spierer

Mitch spierer

Shawn Wang

Shawn wang

Kayvan Najafzadeh

Kayvan najafzadeh

Shu-Yi Zhou

Shu yi zhou

Chloe Liu

Chloe liu

Kelsey Teramoto

Kelsey teramoto

Anna Millhiser

Anna millhiser

Peter Alperin MD

Peter alperin

Ashwin Rajadesingan

Ashwin rajadesingan

Lauren Lloyd

Lauren lloyd

Abby Stevens

Abby stevens

Joe Armstrong

Joe armstrong

Deryn Russell

Deryn russell

Mike Moulton

Mike moulton

John Baltazar

John baltazar

James Matta

James matta

Jacob Solomon

Jacob solomon

Amit Phull MD

Amit phull

Danielle Otte

Danielle otte

Jared Wilkinson

Jared wilkinson

Tej Bindra

Tej bindra

Collie Turner

Collie turner

Mark Leibovitz

Mark leibovitz

Maxwell Farnon

Maxwell farnon

Matt Pickle

Matt pickle

Tomas Mattia

Tomas mattia

Sayem Khan

Sayem khan

Gary Aronov

Gary aronov

Renata Cisar

Renata cisar

Shawn McCall

Shawn mccall

David Townsend

David townsend

Debra Horowitz

Debra horowitz

Ruchi Pal

Ruchi pal

Shivani Balan

Shivani balan

Ken Rhines

Ken rhines

Melissa Strickland

Melissa strickland

Amy Park

Amy park

Jim Dietz

Jim dietz

Krish Rajagopalan

Krish rajagopalan

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