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“Every time I have to call a patient, I use it.”

The Doximity dialer app is tremendous, it's wonderful, it's the best. It's so nice because when I need to call a patient I no longer have to use *67 and I don't have to give out my personal line. There's no other product out there like it!

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Available for iOS and Android.

While on-call one weekend, I used the Doximity Dialer app to communicate with a patient with metastatic brain cancer who was having worsening neurological symptoms. I was able to quickly and easily communicate with the patient and her family using my cell phone without revealing my personal phone number. Also, the patient and family knew "the doctor" was calling because I am able to have the hospital's main phone line show up on their caller ID.

Jason Mark Beckta, MD PhD

Internal Medicine/Radiation Oncology

I had to make several calls to my patients to review results. I was running late in the office so had to leave before I could finish making all my calls. I ended up calling all my patients from the car on my way home using Doximity dialer. Being able to mask my personal cell line was key and made me feel secure and protected knowing that my privacy would not be compromised and I could freely use my mobile phone. Doximity dialer is a lifesaver!!

Payal Kohli, MD FACC

Noninvasive Cardiologist

Available on iPhone and Android

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