Call patients privately, without *67

Your solution to calling patients on‑the‑go

There’s no easy way to call patients when away from the office, which is why we created Doximity Dialer. A way for you to call patients using your cell phone, while displaying your office number. No longer do you have to sacrifice personal information for convenience.

Privacy and convenience together

Services like *67 hide your number, but patients are wary of unknown numbers. Using Doximity Dialer, you can call your patients from a number they recognize.

Iphone 6 silver

“The best invention since hospitalists”

In the past I would avoid making phone calls to patients from my cell phone, and wait until I was at the hospital - but that was impractical at times. With this new application I can contact patients using my cell phone, and it looks like I'm calling from the hospital I work at. This is quite ideal.
– Doximity App Store Review