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When it comes to the healthcare system, connections count. Find a patient's primary care provider when the time really matters. Reach out to a colleague about a complicated case. What will you and your network get done together?

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Search, find, and reach any other healthcare provider, instantly

Yesterday, I discussed the results of a patient’s CAT scan with a radiologist via his backline, then updated the patient’s nephrologist via text and received a cardiac clearance from the patient’s cardiologist via fax. All in 10 minutes.

– Andrew Tompkins, MD

CME/CE whenever you need it

Just this week I realized I was 0.5 CME credits short for something related to our sleep laboratory. I opened up the website and voila-- problem solved.

– Craig Canapari, MD
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Send & receive faxes, without
a fax machine

The fax function is huge. Often times SNF can't administer a med unless there is fax copy in the chart. (I haven't used a fax machine for years). Doximity helps.

– Earl Quijada, MD
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Compare salaries and research jobs

I needed regional and national salary information to inform stakeholders during salary negotiations, and the data provided on Doximity made the conversation extremely straightforward.

Athanasios Tsiatis, MD
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