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Environmental, Social and Governance

At Doximity, we believe active management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is fundamental to our mission of helping every physician be more productive so they can provide better care for their patients. By serving the needs of our members, our employees, our partners, and our planet, we can better serve the needs of our business.

Our Commitment

Since our founding, we have been focused on ESG issues related to product impact, people, information security and privacy, and business ethics. Our ESG working group, with management and board support, is building on our previous work to refine Doximity’s overall ESG approach, identify any additional areas of focus, and find ways we can continue improving our programs and increase our impact.

We are continually evolving our ESG journey. We are committed to staying accountable through transparent communication of our ESG activities and progress to our stakeholders.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As an initial step to more formally defining our ESG approach, we aligned our existing activities with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN SDGs were created in 2015 to serve as a blueprint for governments, businesses and organizations to address urgent global environmental, social and economic challenges.

The five SDGs we have prioritized are as follows:

  • Good Health and Well-Being
    Digital tools built to increase clinician productivity and improve patient access and quality of care
  • Gender Equality
    Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) programs across employees, products and operations
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
    Competitive compensation and benefits and robust talent development programs to help employees grow and advance in their careers
  • Reduced Inequalities
    DEIB programs and comprehensive inclusion strategy across employees, products and operations
  • Climate Action
    Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction through a remote-first workforce strategy and telehealth platform

Social Impact

Doximity’s mission is to help every physician be more productive so they can provide better care for their patients.

Serving Those Who Serve Others

Despite the critical role they play, physicians have historically lacked digital tools to help them manage their busy careers and best serve their patients.

Today, fragmented and antiquated technologies limit physicians' ability to effectively connect with colleagues, access relevant and up-to-date medical information, and deliver optimal patient care. Physicians and other medical professionals across the country are experiencing frustration and burnout – posing major risks to our healthcare system.

We are proud to put technology to work for doctors and other medical professionals to make their lives easier.

  • 63%
    Research supported by the American Medical Association shows that at the end of 2021, nearly 63% of physicians reported symptoms of burnout, up from 38% in 2020.
  • 81%
    According to Doximity’s 2024 Physician Compensation Report, over 86% of physicians surveyed reported being overworked, with nearly three out of five (59%) considering an employment change.
  • up to86k
    The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates the U.S. could see a shortage of up to 86,000 physicians by 2036.

Putting Technology to Work for Medical Professionals

At Doximity, we understand the challenges physicians face everyday, and we aim to bring the power of software to the healthcare industry. Our digital tools are built specifically for medicine and designed to make technology work for doctors – not the other way around.

over80%of U.S. Physicians
over90%of Graduating U.S. Medical Students
over60%of U.S. NPs & PAs

The Largest Network of U.S. Medical Professionals

We are proud to serve over two million registered members. Our members use our platform to collaborate with colleagues, stay up to date with the latest medical news and research, manage their careers and on-call schedules, streamline documentation and administrative paperwork, and conduct virtual patient visits.

By empowering medical professionals with the tools they need to be more productive, Doximity aims to make a meaningful, sustainable and long-term impact on patients and the overall healthcare system.

Physicians First

Our “physicians first” philosophy is central to our mission. While so much of the software available in healthcare today is designed for the billing department, we are focused on building digital tools that help physicians and other healthcare professionals reduce their administrative burden and spend more time with their patients. We believe digital tools built for medicine will create more autonomy and efficiency, reduce burnout, and improve patient outcomes.

As a physicians-first organization, it is critical to us at Doximity that we maintain regular communication and alignment with all of the clinician members and hospital systems we serve. We hold regular advisory board meetings to better understand our members’ and customers’ needs, refine our products, and prioritize our product pipeline. Some of our greatest innovations are the result of direct feedback from our clinician members.

Clinical Tools


Our telehealth tools help improve patient access, remove barriers to equitable healthcare, and reduce emissions created by travel to in-person care.

Doximity’s telehealth solutions are designed to be easily accessible for a wide range of people regardless of their device, connectivity, or technical aptitude. Patients simply receive a text from their physician or care provider and opt into a secure, HIPAA-compliant call. No download, application installation, or account registration is required.

Our focus on accessibility goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to health equity, including addressing barriers to both in-person and virtual care. Some of the telehealth features we offer include non-English language support, access to live interpreter services, low-bandwidth detection and video optimization.


Our newsfeed is carefully curated and personalized to our members to ensure timely access to practice-specific information and updates on the latest medical news and research.

By disseminating relevant information more rapidly, our newsfeed helps empower a large and decentralized health care workforce with important practice information.

Through our newsfeed, we also strive to keep healthcare professionals apprised of health-related news in the lay press to help them anticipate and respond appropriately to patient questions and concerns.

Professional Network

Our network tools were built to facilitate clinical collaboration at scale. By bringing physicians and other medical professionals across the nation into a single virtual community, Doximity breaks down silos and enables better communication and collaboration.

We believe this increases clinical productivity and enables higher-quality, lower-friction patient care.


Our careers tools help our members manage their careers from training through retirement. We have the ability to match clinicians with primary care and specialist jobs in areas of highest need — geographically isolated rural communities, under-resourced urban hospitals, and American Indian reservations.

Our comprehensive member profiles allow us to intelligently match these opportunities to physicians and other medical professionals with known academic or professional ties to the local communities. Through these efforts, we aim to facilitate a more equitable distribution of health care resources.

Digital Fax and e-Signature

Our digital fax and e-signature tools serve as the information highway between medical providers and institutions. Not only does this increase efficiency and productivity, it also helps to reduce emissions and save trees by removing paper from the equation.

We provide a free HIPAA-compliant internet fax service with unlimited pages and built-in, customizable cover sheets. Our members can sign, edit, annotate, and send and receive prior authorizations, EKGs, patient charts, nursing orders, and other documents in multiple mobile-friendly formats.

This cloud-based faxing capability is accessible on desktop and mobile and provides real-time alerts for received and delivered faxes.

On-Call Scheduling

Our scheduling tool Amion helps centralize clinical on-call schedules across medical teams, departments, and institutions. This centralization helps enable more efficient provider-to-provider collaboration and more timely access to on-call specialists.

By helping physicians and other medical professionals quickly answer the question “am I on,” Amion helps eliminate confusion and streamline communication and clinical workflow. With Amion, clinical teams can build and maintain more equitable schedules and sync work shifts to personal calendars. The tool combines scheduling with communication and enables team members to submit special requests and swap shifts.

Doximity GPT

Doximity GPT our HIPAA-compliant generative AI writing assistant, helps physicians and other medical professionals reclaim the time they spend on administrative tasks, such as drafting letters of patient support, insurance appeals, patient education materials, letters of recommendation, and even grant applications. Doximity GPT integrates with our HIPAA-compliant digital fax to enable easy transmission of the final document.

Physicians spend almost two hours on administrative tasks for every hour of direct patient care, and an additional one to two hours of personal time each night on clerical work. A recent survey of over 400 Doximity GPT users suggests that AI could help reduce time spent on administrative tasks by about 13 hours a week.

Some of the most amazing telehealth experiences I've had are with patients that suffer from severe anxiety or depression, and those that are unable to leave their homes due to their psychiatric conditions. Using Doximity Dialer, and the convenient video conferencing feature, I'm able to have visits with my patients who otherwise may not have been able to receive care. This has shown me the power of telehealth and the power of Doximity.

Jasdeep Gill, MD, MS
Psychiatry Resident, Chief Resident, University of Washington

One of my patients was bitten by a macaque monkey, which was infected with a virus that can produce a lethal encephalitis in humans. Worldwide, there are only a dozen or so experts on this zoonosis, but Doximity allowed me to quickly contact authors of key publications that present information critical to treating this disease. The patient did fine - so did the monkey. Doximity provided me with easy access to experts!

J Michael Hitt, MD
Medical Director of Employee Health, University of Arizona Health Network

I really enjoy the fact that I can get news directly from the app. So whether it be looking at stories that were curated specifically for women physicians, or even if it's a random pop-up that comes on my newsfeed from colleagues who are engaging on a certain article, it's always helpful and interesting to see the news and research that pertains to me and then connect with other physicians on these important issues in medicine.

Amber Robins, MD
Faculty Family Medicine Physician at Rochester Regional Health and Associate Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Health Equity

"To develop equitable digital health solutions, we must understand that historic and social context matters when developing technology. We have to ensure that we're thinking about equity at every stage from ideation to implementation."

Félix Manuel Chinea
MD Director, Health Equity & Inclusion Strategy

At Doximity, we recognize the potential impact our products and clinical tools can have on physicians and their patients. To continue to be part of the solution, we are investing in health equity and working to help ensure our network is an inclusive space for millions of medical professionals across the United States.

Inclusive Product Design

We are committed to centering and amplifying voices of those at the margins, so we can best serve our members and society.

At Doximity, we believe inclusion is integral to advancing health equity and promoting more equitable products that can better serve our members and their patients.

Our Director of Health Equity and Inclusion Strategy works in collaboration with product teams to apply an inclusion lens to product design and features.

This includes collaborative discussions, development of equitable product design frameworks, and ongoing iteration to improve the potential impact of our products.

Our People

Doximity is a team of incredibly talented professionals passionate about improving inefficiencies in our U.S. healthcare system. We recognize that our company is successful when our people have an opportunity to thrive and take pride in our culture, which is guided by our core values.

Central to our culture is fostering a sense of purpose, belonging and community for all employees. To achieve this, we embed equity and inclusion into everything we do as an organization.

Get Stuff Done

Get stuff done to solve challenging problems every day

Stretch Goals

Stretch goals to make room for innovation

Straight Talk

Say what you think and listen to others with an open mind

Bring The Real You

Bring the real you and welcome others’ diverse and unique qualities

Employee Health & Safety

Doximity is committed to providing a safe work environment for all our employees. We consider our team members essential to our mission, values and culture. For more information, please see our Employee Health & Safety Policy .

Our regular virtual, hybrid, and in-person offsites offsites have become a valued part of Doximity’s culture. They provide a venue for teams to come together to discuss recent accomplishments and identify areas where we can do better.

Employees are encouraged to review both the positive and negative and offer ideas on how we might improve existing practices. Product teams set quarterly goals to guide development priorities that are strategically aligned to company goals, achievable in 12 weeks, and stretch what seems possible.

Training and professional development opportunities are offered to all employees through several learning platforms. We encourage our employees to take on a variety of projects and responsibilities to learn beyond their current role and grow in new ways. Many teams assign a mentor for new employees who advises on how to develop necessary skills and shape a fulfilling career path.

Our performance management process entails annual goal setting, regular check-ins, and continuous feedback. Because we believe the right career fit goes a long way in maintaining a positive, productive relationship, managers work closely with their team to help ensure each member is on the right career trajectory.

Recent years have amplified the interconnections between physical, mental and financial wellbeing. We seek to support our employees holistically through our compensation and benefits so they can do their best work each day.

Employees are provided with market competitive salaries, equity stock incentives, an employee stock purchase plan, bonus opportunities, and a 401k with employer match. In addition to high-quality medical and dental benefits, we provide family planning and medical travel benefits, and a monthly well-being stipend. We strongly believe in a work-life balance at Doximity, providing flexible working arrangements to accommodate individual and family needs, and encouraging employees to enjoy life outside of work.

In addition, we are committed to supporting a safe work environment across our predominantly remote workforce, and we operate our business in alignment with the following human rights principles.

Creating meaningful connections between employees, asking for feedback, and acting on suggestions for improvement are core practices at Doximity. We leverage a variety of channels to accomplish this, including:

  • Virtual, hybrid and in-person offsites
  • Annual Dox Vitals engagement survey
  • Annual benefits survey
  • New hire onboarding survey
  • Weekly all-company call
  • Monthly themed employee photo challenge
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Slack channels to connect employees with shared interests

Inclusion Strategy

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) efforts at Doximity focus on our employees, members and community. Our programs seek to increase diverse representation, equity, awareness, and cultural humility.

Doximity team members are committed to working towards a more equitable world both within and beyond our office walls. This starts by fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment where differences are valued and all employees are encouraged to bring their full, authentic selves to work daily. We also promote a culture of "straight talk" where we expect everyone to say what they mean and, in return, listen to all opinions with an open mind.

We believe creating inclusive cultures requires an equitable and inclusive approach across people, policies, and products. As a health tech company and professional medical network, this understanding helps us to advance digital health equity and access, amplify and ensure underrepresented voices are heard, and create opportunities for underrepresented people in both medicine and technology.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


As we develop a culture of shared responsibility to be a more equitable and inclusive company, we want to ensure our employees and leaders have the tools they need to make an impact.

Current DEIB Training Resources

  • Mandatory foundational DEI training through our compliance training and learning platform, Ethenathe Paradigm REACH platform
  • Asynchronous DEIB micro-learnings in an open Slack channel for all employees
  • Team-focused learning workshops that teach employees how to apply equity and inclusion skills to their daily work
  • Educational events and workshops to support DEIB competency development


Diversity makes us stronger as a company and it empowers us to drive more meaningful change. We are committed to improving the representation of historically excluded groups in technology, so we can help physicians and other medical professionals serve more diverse patient populations.

Current Initiatives

  • Diversifying our job boards and establishing strategic recruiting partnerships focused on improving diversity in tech
  • Investing in long-term relationships with tech community affinity groups, such as Techqueria and Out in Tech
  • Measuring the impact of internal programs, such as our employee referral challenge
  • Investing in community leadership and coalition-building by attending, speaking and sponsoring equity-centered conferences and initiatives


We believe creating transparency and accountability is key to building trust with our employees and further embedding DEIB into our culture. By increasing awareness, we are further investing in that trust and building teams that can more effectively impact healthcare.

Internal DEIB Awareness Efforts

  • Biannual updates on goals, progress and employee demographics
  • Shared events and resources through an open Slack channel
  • Ongoing program proposals to establish new DEIB initiatives, including needs, goals, and concrete actions
  • 79% (no significant change from 2022) of Doxers believe our company’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is reflected across all teams

Commitment to Action

As part of our inclusion strategy, we are committed to taking action with the LGBTQ+ community in supporting more inclusive policies that ultimately impact our employees and society. We are proud to be a part of the Human Rights Campaign’s Business Statement on Anti-LGBTQ State Legislation and the Business Coalition for the Equality Act. We are also proud to embrace third-party accountability by participating in the HRC’s 2023 Corporate Equality Index where we received an Equality 100 award, their highest score.

We also acknowledge the opportunity we have to support our members and society by embedding racial justice and advancing equity. For these reasons, and with guidance from the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples, we recently recognized past violations of equity principles through a Land Acknowledgement and have made an ongoing commitment to the Yunakin Land Tax.

Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) benefit our organization through community building, shared learning, and employee advocacy.These benefits ultimately help us become a more equitable and inclusive organization.

Thus far, employees have created space for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), those who identify as LGBTQ+, and women.

BIPOC@Dox: Building an equitable world for historically marginalized people by amplifying voices, improving a sense of belonging, and fostering conversations about allyship and antiracism in medicine.

Women@Dox: Building a vibrant, active community of women who support, celebrate, and advance each other, and work closely with our allies to create a culture of inclusion and equal opportunity.

LGBTQ+@Dox: An inclusive space for affirming and supporting coworkers of all marginalized gender identities and openly discussing issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.

I came out when I was 14 years old and had to navigate early on in my life what it means to be myself to people I have known for a lifetime and every new person I've met going forward. With trial and error throughout the years, I've learned to be confident in who I am and seek out spaces where I can be my full authentic self. When joining companies like Doximity, it is so, so important to me to find ones that align with my values – with who I am.

Oscar Guzmán
Marketing Communications Manager

Being Asian American means that I uniquely get to immerse myself in two very different cultures and connect with people I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to if I didn’t speak the language. It means acknowledging the hard work and sacrifices my parents and ancestors have made for me to have the opportunities I have today. This fuels my excitement for working with BIPOC@Dox to create a more inclusive workplace that celebrates the diverse experiences and unique backgrounds of all Doxers.

Amanda Shang
Product Manager, Editorial Tooling

Gender Representation

All Doxers

<1.1% Decline to report
47.9% Women
50.6% Men
<1% Non-binary


49.6% Women
50.4% Men


<2.0% Decline to report
25.9% Women
71.2% Men
<1% Non-binary

Race and Ethnicity Representation

All Doxers

13.9% Asian
3.4% Black
8.0% Latinx
7.1% Other
67.6% White


13.9% Asian
2.2% Black
6.6% Latinx
6.5% Other
70.8% White


18.8% Asian
2.9% Black
9.4% Latinx
6.5% Other
62.4% White

Workplace allyship involves leveraging privilege to support those from underrepresented communities, for the goal of fostering an inclusive culture. It begins with listening and cultivating empathy and continues with self-education. BIPOC@Dox has given me space to learn more about and connect with people from other BIPOC identities, while teaching me how to be thoughtful about intersectionality.

Alexandra Thomas
Senior Director, Editorial

BIPOC@Dox has been a great community to be a part of—not only as a support system in dealing with the recent wave of racism, but also just to have a group with shared experiences here at Dox.

Anthony Basilio
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

I still work through the daily challenges that come with living with a permanent ileostomy, but I do so in complete confidence that my manager, peers and, really, Doximity have my back.

Anna Ransbotham-Cole
Senior Director of Data Analytics, News

Dox Foundation

The Dox Foundation is a non profit, charitable foundation supporting Doximity community members to improve the health of people in need. The Foundation funds flights for physicians, advanced nurse practitioners and physician assistants to go on short-term global health trips around the world, where they can make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives.

Dr. Rahul Seth, an otolaryngologist based in San Francisco, traveled to Jaipur and Mumbai, India to treat children with cleft lip, cleft palate, facial deformities, and facial trauma.

As part of the Dox Foundation, we also look for opportunities for Doximity employees to contribute. We pair our employees with physicians, based on the needs of the global health trip, and give them the time and resources they need to make an impact.

This gives our employees an opportunity to share their individual talents, such as local language fluency, as well as develop a firsthand understanding of the important work physicians do every day – an understanding that will empower them to better innovate and serve our members and their patients.

Data Security & Privacy

HIPAA Compliant
AES 256
Bug Bounty

More Than 2 Million U.S. Medical Professionals Trust Doximity

More than two million medical professionals trust Doximity to help them manage important aspects of their professional and clinical lives.

To maintain their trust, Doximity’s team of security and privacy professionals, led by our Chief Technology Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, helps ensure that our platforms and data are always protected.

HIPAA & Security Training

All Doximity employees, as well as contractors who work on our systems that facilitate healthcare communications, are required to complete annual HIPAA privacy and security training along with data privacy and cyber security training.

Member Verification

Since our founding, Doximity has been architected physicians-first, with trust at the core of what we do. We verify the identities and qualifications of our medical professionals through integration with third-party databases and identity-proofing services.

Privacy & Security

The privacy of our members and their work is paramount. Members are provided with options designed to allow them to control their data, and they can request deletion of their data under applicable privacy laws and procedures. We also do not share our members’ email or private/back office line with anyone beyond the colleagues that they expressly choose. Our platform facilitates encrypted HIPAA-compliant communications with patients.

Physician information that is posted to profiles is protected with anti-scraping technologies, such as a Web Application Firewall, Runtime Application Self-Protection, Bot Protection, and Rate-Limiting, and our network employs DDoS mitigation technology to protect against attacks. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using TLS 1.2, and personal health information is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption. Along with a dedicated in-house security team and contracted security researchers, we maintain a comprehensive bug bounty program for proactive vulnerability inspection of our entire offering.


Environmental Footprint

Doximity’s environmental footprint is relatively small. Our products are offered through a cloud-based platform and do not require proprietary hardware. We also operate with a largely remote workforce while continuing to provide opportunities for our employees to work out of our leased office space.

Virtual Care Delivery

Our telemedicine platform contributes to the reduction in GHG emissions by enabling our members and their patients to transition to a digital first healthcare delivery model. We estimate that approximately 3,000 to 3,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are avoided for every million virtual visits that would have otherwise been made by car travel. 1 To put this in perspective, 3,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent represents the emissions of approximately 650 gasoline-powered vehicles driven for a year or the electricity consumption of approximately 580 homes for a year.

Sustainable Growth

As we grow, we will continue to assess our environmental impact and search for innovative ways to build a more sustainable world. To read more about our commitment to sustainable growth, please see our Environmental Policy.

  • 1 This estimation is based on research conducted by Connor et al and Miah et al. For further evidence of emission reductions from telehealth (across transportation modes), see Purohit et al

Environmental Policy

Doximity is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment by monitoring our environmental impact and risks while conducting business and fully complying with all relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, we are committed to continuously improving our processes with the goal of scaling sustainably.


We engaged a third party vendor to calculate our GHG emissions and found that for the calendar years 2021, 2022, and 2023 our combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 location-based GHG emissions were 246, 267, and 314 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, respectively, while our market-based emissions were 258, 296, and 367, respectively.

GHG Scope 1 & Scope 2 Emissions


Board Gender

50% Women
50% Men

Board Race/Ethnicity

16.7% Asian
16.7% Black
66.6% White

ESG Oversight

The Doximity Board of Directors considers ESG oversight to be the responsibility of the full Board, and given the current stage of our ESG engagement, we believe this is the appropriate structure at this time.

Our Board members are chosen based on their proven skills and expertise, which greatly contribute to our governance and ESG initiatives.

We also benefit from their diversity of lived experiences and professional backgrounds.

ESG is managed by the full leadership team, with ultimate responsibility laddering up to our CEO. Management is delegated to employees across our organization, ensuring accountability and continued progress.

Ethics and Compliance

We expect our directors, officers and employees to always do the right thing, both ethically and legally, for our colleagues, partners, investors, and our members and their patients. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) provides guidance on what “doing the right thing” means at Doximity, complemented by our anti-bribery and whistleblower policies.

With Board oversight, Doximity’s General Counsel, who is the Chief Compliance Officer, implements and reinforces our ethics and compliance policies, working to embed them into the way we conduct our day-to-day business. The Chief Compliance Officer regularly provides reports to the Board on these topics to help ensure that the Board is fully aware and engaged in our standards of conduct.

Our culture of straight talk promotes an environment in which employees are comfortable speaking up, without fear of reprisal, if they have knowledge of actual or perceived violations of our Code.

Our Whistleblower Policy outlines the procedures for making, receiving, and processing complaints, and strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Policy procedures include informing the Board or appropriate Board committee of the complaints where appropriate.

We have established internal and external reporting channels, including our third-party ethics hotline for anonymous reporting. Our Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring any complaints are investigated to their conclusion, disciplinary action is taken as required, and reports are provided to our Board.

All employees are required to be trained on our ethics and compliance programs. Our Chief Compliance Officer hosts a compliance training at every New Hire Orientation, and certain trainings are also re-issued on an annual or bi-annual basis as necessary through a compliance training and learning platform, such as HIPAA-compliance, data privacy, cybersecurity, and anti-harassment training.

For more information on our governance policies, please see our Anti-Corruption Policy, our Code of Conduct Policy, and our Insider Trading Policy.