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Doximity Fellows Program

Doximity is pleased to announce the opening of our 2022–2023 Doximity Fellows application. Doximity Fellows have a unique opportunity to contribute to their field in new and exciting ways. As a Doximity Fellow, you’ll have the ability to reach more than two million clinicians via original writing, clinical cases, or network engagement. Backed by the Doximity network, you will have an avenue to build and solidify your status as an innovative professional.

Are you a dedicated and passionate writer, researcher, or clinician? Are you interested in using media to educate and learn from your peers? Do you want to share your voice, ideas, and knowledge with other professionals? Do you have a unique perspective on health care, clinical research, or life in medicine? We’d love to work with you!

Below you will find information about the benefits, responsibilities, and application process for becoming a Doximity Fellow!

All Fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in unique opportunities on the Doximity network, including AMAs (Ask Me Anything), Q&As, physician profiles, and more.
  • Initiate, engage in, and foster community discussion on the Doximity network.
  • Provide Doximity with feedback and strategic guidance for ongoing product development.
  • Join a vibrant community of Doximity Fellows with opportunities to engage, collaborate, and build relationships.

Fellowship Track Descriptions

  • Clinical Case Fellows will provide six previously unpublished clinical cases for Doximity’s exclusive use on the newsfeed and in email digests. Each case must feature, at a minimum, a short case description (4–6 sentences) and one image. After the community has guessed the diagnosis in the comments, Fellows will have the opportunity to engage with members in discussion and provide the answer.
  • Luminary Fellows will be responsible for reviewing and commenting on five pieces of Doximity content on a weekly cadence, selected from a list of 20 options curated by Doximity’s Editorial Team. Content options will include but are not limited to Op-Meds, clinical articles, and interactive Doximity content (e.g., AMAs, Q&As, etc.).
  • Op-Med Fellows will be responsible for submitting six thoughtful pieces of original writing throughout the year (700–1,000 words each). The writing must be narrative (versus clinical) and may chronicle patient encounters, opinions about health and medicine-related topics, and personal experiences within your specialty.

Length of Program

The Doximity Fellows program is a one-year program. All positions are remote.

Benefits and Perks

As a Fellow, your voice, content, and perspectives will be elevated across the Doximity network. You’ll have opportunities to work with the Doximity team to help shape the future of the network. You’ll receive individualized editorial support from our team, including brainstorming sessions, workshops, content review, and professional editing. Finally, we provide a monetary stipend of $1500 in Doximity restricted stock units for the year.

  • Eligibility:
    • An MD or DO who has completed residency and is licensed to practice medicine in the United States
    • An MD or DO who is currently in residency or fellowship
    • An NP or PA who has graduated from an accredited training program and is state-licensed and nationally certified with a master’s in advanced practice nursing or a master’s in PA studies
    • An NP or PA student
    • A PharmD or RPH
    • A PharmD or RPH student
    • A medical student currently enrolled in a US LCME-accredited medical school or AOA-accredited osteopathic school
  • Must be:
    • A Doximity member
    • A forward-thinking and enthusiastic leader in their field
    • Eager to share stories and insights with peers, create new types of content, and push your own creative boundaries
    • A dedicated writer, researcher, or educator interested in building and engaging with the Doximity network

Apply Now

The application deadline is June 30, 2022. Finalists will be invited to connect with Doximity Editors. Please contact with any questions.